The Greater Harlem Coalition

We hope you'll signup here for The Greater Harlem Coalition's newsletter which we send out about once a week. 

Our newsletter focuses on the issues surrounding New York City and New York State's systemic oversaturation of Harlem and East Harlem -- resulting in a concentration of people struggling with mental health, homelessness and addiction in this historic community of color. 

Our goal is to balance compassion with the demand that all communities take their fair share.  We want to end the decades-long practice of packing programs in this historic neighborhood while supporting our neighbors who continue to struggle with disproportionate, systemic, and generational health, economic, social and safety disparities. 

Our vision is for a vibrant, tolerant, clean and safe community where everyone who lives, works, goes to school, seeks treatment or visits Harlem can thrive. 

Please join us.

- The Greater Harlem Coalition

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